“7 Dots Studio” – Metallic Colours or Texture


I’m back again after along and hot summer and today I’m going to show you my new project for the “7 Dots Studio” challenge.

This month, the theme is “Metallic Colours or Texture”.


7 Dots Studio – August Challenge

Beachwear has been my inspiration,

Sandals 1 (2)

Some close ups,

Sandals 2 (2)Sandals 3 (2)Sandals 4 (2)

As you can see in the photos I used a lot of metallic paint, especially zinc and green. I really like the effect that metallic colour gives to my project.  

I‘ve used flip-flops to reflect that we’re in summer. For example, in my city, September is still quite warm and with the flip-flops we can take the neccesary steps to look for new challenges.


  1. Acrylic Metallic Colour.
  • Zinc from “Amsterdam”.
  • Metallic Green mixed with Gold from “Hobby Line”.
  • Copper from “Hobby Line”.

2. Paper used on flip-flops: Flirty from “Homegrown” Collection (7Dots Studio).

3. Paper used on base: Sunny from “Fortune-Teller” Collection (7Dots Studio). 

4. Stars and Hearts: Elements from “Fortune-Teller” Collection (7Dots Studio).

5. Phrase Stickers: “Fortune-Teller” Collection (7Dots Studio).

6. Flowers from “Kaisercraft” and “Prima Marketing”.

7. Stencil: Stars from “13 Arts”.

8. Silver Microspheres from “13 Arts”.

9. Butterfly Stamp from “Sra. Granger”, …

I hope you like it and have a colourful autumn .







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