Berry71Bleu – July 2016 Challenge – “Fantasy it is”

Hi there,

It’s the first time that I’m taking part in a Berry71Bleu challenge and I’m so happy because this month the theme is the misty twilight world of fantasy.

Berry July


I was thinking about what I could do when I saw a pumpkin that my father gave to me last year. This pumpkin is from my garden and if you let it dry, you can do amazing things.




Fantasy 2 (2)

Some close ups,

Fantasy - Part 1 (2)Fantasy - Part 3 (2)Fantasy - Part 4 (2)


  1. I used a branch from a bush for the mushroom’s stalk, for the ladder and for the mailbox’s pole.
  2. The fairies are “Wycinanka” chipboard. I painted them with watercolour pencils from Staedtler.
  3. I have used paper from “7 Dots Studio” for the base, the ladder, the pond and the waterlily, the mailbox and various leaves.
  4. I also used “13 Arts” microspheres, glass beads and small pebbles to decorate the stem of the toadstool and the edges of the pond.
  5. The mailbox is made from “7 Dots Studio” paper, folded into mailbox form and glued to a lilac tree branch, whereas the letters are made from greaseproof paper folded into tiny rectangles.

Fantasy - Part 2 (2)

So I hope you like my work and my interpration of the fairies habitat.

Try to add a little magic to your day everyday!

Have a magical day!

Hola a todos,

Me presento por primera vez al reto del blog BERRY71BLEU. Este mes el tema es la fantasía. Y mi interpretación ha sido construir la casita donde viven las hadas.

Espero que os guste.


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